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The Visionary Behind Riwang Food

Ye Lian You, founder of Riwang Food, has revolutionized New York’s Asian cuisine landscape by establishing a leading Asian Cuisine Manufacturer focused on authenticity and quality. Growing up in a family that cherished culinary traditions, Ye developed a passion for Asian food, leading him to create a company that honors these rich culinary heritage.

Ye’s vision for Riwang Food includes expanding its offerings by exploring innovative flavors that cater to evolving customer preferences while maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality. Operating from a 100,000 sq ft USDA certified facility, Riwang Food guarantees customer satisfaction.

By offering wholesale options to local businesses, Ye aims to strengthen relationships within the food industry and support community growth. Committed to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices, Riwang Food looks forward to identifying opportunities for growth and collaboration, making a lasting impact on the Asian food scene.


2016 : First Year of Seafood Expo North America

Seafood Expo North America. Booth: 141

2014 : First Ri Wang Culinary Competition“日旺杯”

美国中文网报道】法拉盛Mall内人头攒动,熙熙嚷嚷,香气扑鼻。9月6日,10位烹饪达人正在紧张地制做各种美食,经过近1个小时的比拼,首届“日旺杯”中华厨艺大赛终于落下帷幕。前3名分别是第3名管怀国,带来的作品“日日旺盛”,第2名,Fong Kim L 的作品“卧虎藏龙” 以及冠军袁飞的“海阔天空”。此次比赛奖品丰厚,冠、亚、季军分别获得$1000、$388、$188,优秀奖获得$68。前3名的选手还将被主办方日旺集团选拔为集团产品研发部顾问,参与集团最新产品的研发…

2010 : Ri Wang Was Began


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